RCE 37: TeraGrid Open Scientific Discovery

Created on Tuesday, 27 July 2010 01:50
Written by Brock Palen

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Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Kay Hunt and Scott Lathrop of TeraGrid.

Kay Hunt is the Project Coordinator for the TeraGrid Campus Champions Program, a national project sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The Campus Champions program supports campus representatives as the local source of knowledge about high-performance computing opportunities and resources. She has responsibility for over 85 Campus Champions located at over 60 institutions who develop relationships between and among faculty and staff. The knowledge and assistance provided by the Champions empower campus researchers, educators, and students to advance scientific discovery. Kay's responsibilities with the TeraGrid, in addition to the Campus Champion program, are working with the Education, Outreach, and Training group and the External Relations group. Kay's primary focus at Purdue University is project management, communications, and outreach. Kay has been with Purdue University over 35 years and has many years experience in information technology and research. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Indiana University.

Scott Lathrop splits his time between being the TeraGrid Director of Education, Outreach and Training (EOT) at the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory, and being the Blue Waters Technical Program Manager for Education for NCSA. Lathrop has been involved in high performance computing and communications activities since 1986. Lathrop coordinates education, outreach and training activities among the eleven Resource Providers involved in the TeraGrid project. He coordinates undergraduate and graduate education activities for the Blue Waters project. Lathrop is Co-PI on the NSF funded Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD), a Pathways project of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) program. Lathrop is the SC11 Conference Chair. Lathrop is project manager for a Department of Education Atlantis project in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute.