RCE01 Open MPI

Created on Sunday, 18 January 2009 20:34
Written by Brock Palen








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 Brock Palen speaks with Jeff Squyres and George Bosilca of the Open MPI project.

Jeff Squyres is a founder and core developer of the Open MPI project.  He works at Cisco Systems where his full-time job is server-side software development, mainly dealing with Open MPI development/support and representation of Cisco to the MPI Forum.  Jeff's 2004 Ph.D. dissertation from the University of Notre Dame provided the foundation for the Open MPI code base.

George Bosilca is a Research Assistant Professor at Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is one of the primary developers of Open MPI and before that FT-MPI/Harness and MPICH-V. His research topics include networking and computer architecture, scalability, fault tolerance, parallel and distributed computing.

For details on MPI the API see the MPI Forum.