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RCE 05: Open-MX


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Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Brice Goglin of the Open-MX (http://www.open-mx.org) project, a software implementation of Myrinet Express, providing low latency over stock ethernet networks.


Brice Goglin is the primary developer of the Open-MX project. He works at the LaBRI laboratory in Bordeaux (France) as an INRIA researcher (the French institute for research in computer science and control). He has
been working on HPC software design for several years, especially on implementing software support for high-speed networks such as Myricom Myrinet and Myri-10G technologies. He earned his PhD at the Ecole
normale superieure de Lyon (France) in 2005. His research topics nowadays include high-speed networking in the context of the convergence between HPC and traditional Ethernet networks, as well as the design of high-performance runtime systems for upcoming NUMA architectures.

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