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RCE 113: Shifter


Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with the authors of Shifter. Shifter is a prototype implementation that NERSC is developing and experimenting with as a scalable way of deploying containers in an HPC environment. It works by converting user or staff generated images in Docker, Virtual Machines, or CHOS (another method for delivering flexible environments) to a common format. This common format then provides a tunable point to allow images to be scalably distributed on the Cray supercomputers at NERSC. The user interface to shifter enables a user to select an image from their dockerhub account and then submit jobs which run entirely within the container.

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Shane Canon has over 20 years of experience in HPC and Scientific computing. Shane works at NERSC at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab where he has held various position from system administrator, group leader, and project engineer since first joining the lab in 2000. Shane has also held a position as Group Leader in the Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Lab from 2005 to 2008 before returning to LBNL. Shane’s professional focus has centered around enabling scientists to effectively use HPC resources and enable data-intensive sciences. During his career he has provided system support for Nobel Prize wining science projects, led the deployment of the world’s fastest file systems, evaluated the effectiveness of cloud computing for DOE science, and developed innovative tools to enable users to more easily use HPC and cluster resources. Shane’s current efforts includes the development of Shifter, a framework to enable users to securely and efficiently run Docker-style containers on large scale systems and leading the production development of the DOE System Biology KnowledgeBase (KBase) project, which is building a platform to enable reproducible, shareable analysis to enable predictive biology. Shane has a Ph.D in Physics from Duke University and B.S. in Physics from Auburn University.

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