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RCE 104: D-Wave Quantum Computing


Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Denny Dahl about D-Wave and Quantum Computing. Founded in 1999, D-Wave Systems is the world's first quantum computing company. Our mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation that help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

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Edward (Denny) Dahl is a Ph.D. physicist who has been at D-Wave Systems for over four years. He works with customers to help them understand the principles of adiabatic quantum computing as implemented in the D-Wave 2X System. He is currently on assignment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which recently purchased a one-thousand qubit system from D-Wave. His interests are quantum programming, playing the guitar and exploring the high deserts of north central New Mexico.

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