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RCE 30 Condor High Throughput Computing

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Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Jason Stowe of Cycle Computing and Greg Thain of UofW Madison about Condor.

Jason Stowe is the founder and CEO of Cycle Computing(http://www.cyclecomputing.com), a leading provider of open-source, High Performance Computing (HPC) technology on internal desktops, servers, and in the Cloud. Leveraging its expertise with internal HPC, Cycle helps clients provision large-scale, secure HPC clusters in the cloud on demand. Cycle supports open-source Condor & Hadoop, as well as PBS/SGE, to provide innovative administrative functionality and reduce costs in managing small clusters to environments of 30,000+ CPUs. Jason attended Carnegie Mellon and Cornell Universities, guest lectured at Cornell's Johnson Business School, and sits on Amazon's Customer Advisory Board.

Greg Thain is a systems programmer working as a staff member of the Condor Project at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. As part of the core condor flighworthy team, he was worked on many aspects of Condor, including the Condor Parallel Universe, the master-worker framework for parallel computing, and tuning the performance of the system as a whole. Greg has a BS in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin.

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