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RCE 54: SciPy Scientific Tools for Python

Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak withTravis Oliphant, Anthony Scopatz, and Warren Weckesser about SciPy (http://scipy.org/) Scientific Tools for Python.

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Travis has worked extensively with Python for numerical and scientific programming since 1997. He was the primary developer of the NumPy package and the author of the definitive Guide to NumPy (PDF). He was an early contributor to the documentation for the Numeric package and in 1999 released Multipack for Python. In 2001, he folded Multipack into SciPy as one of the original co-authors of that package. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Brigham Young University in Math and Electrical Engineering, and he received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Mayo Clinic in 2001. From December 2000 to August 2007 he worked as an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Brigham Young University where he also directed the Biomedical Imaging Lab and taught courses in inverse problems, signal processing, probability theory, and electromagnetics. Since 2007 he has been at Enthought, Inc. and serving as its President since 2008. He currently lives in Austin with his wife and six children.


Anthony Scopatz is a computational scientist and long time Python developer. Anthony holds his BS in Physics from UC Santa Barbara and MSE in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Nuclear Engineering program at UT Austin. Anthony’s research interests revolve around physics-based modeling of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and related information theoretic metrics. Anthony has published and spoken at numerous conferences on both Nuclear Engineering and Python. Additionally, he helps run the inSCIght scientific computing podcast.

Warren Weckesser is a software developer at Enthought, Inc. He received his M.Eng. in computer and systems engineering and Ph.D. in mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has taught at the University of Michigan and Colgate University. He is a contributor to the SciPy project, and is a Program Committee Co-chair for the SciPy 2011 Conference.

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