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RCE 56: Windows HPC Server

Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Rodney Mach of HiperLogic about Windows HPC Server 2008.

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odney Mach is principal at www.hiperLogic.com, a HPC Consulting company selling and supporting Linux and Windows CAE/CFD cluster solutions. HiperLogic recently launched TotalCAE.com, a suite of tools for CAE/CFD engineers running on HPC Server 2008 R2.

Rodney has 15+ years of experience in designing and supporting large scale HPC solutions to help manufacturing companies reduce time to solution. Rodney started out at the University of Michigan Center for Advanced Computing supporting large scale AIX, Linux, and OS X clusters for national researchers. Rodney then left Academia to work as director of HPC computing at Absoft where he designed products to simplify cluster management. Rodney founded HiperLogic in 2005 to focus on supporting high performance computing in the manufacturing space.

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