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RCE 71 HPC Allocation Models

Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Preston Smith from Purdue, Brian Guilfoos from The Ohio Supercomputer Center, and Andy Caird from The University of Michigan about their CPU cycle allocation policies on HPC systems.

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Guilfoos leads the Client and Technology Support Group, which provides training and user support to the OSC user community. Guilfoos also works directly with OSC clients to help convert computer codes, develop batch scripting, compiling and code development so that these researchers can efficiently use the center's supercomputers and licensed software. Guilfoos developed and delivered training in MATLAB as a part of the U.S. Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program support. Prior to joining OSC, he was contracted by the Air Force Research Laboratory to focus on software development in support of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) interface research. He was a key technical member of a team that was awarded the 2004 Scientific and Technological Achievement Award by the AFRL Human Effectiveness Directorate.

Guilfoos earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 2000 from The Ohio State University.

Preston Smith is the Manager of Research Support for Purdue University's Rosen Center for Advanced Computing. Preston's background is from systems engineering, and over the years, he has worked on grid and distributed computing, led development and expansion of Purdue's large scale Condor pool, and was formerly the site lead for Purdue's CMS TIer-2 facility. Today, his team primarily supports users of our community cluster program.

Andy Caird is the Director of HPC at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering Computer Aided Engineering Network (CAEN). He started in HPC in 1992 as the student employee responsible for rebooting U-M's KSR-1 and is now responsible for the staff and operation of Michigan's largest public HPC platform, Flux, in joint effort with Office of Research Cyberinfastructure (ORCI). Andy received his BSE and MSE in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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