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RCE 91: ADIOS Adaptable IO System

Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Scott Klasky and Norbert Podhorszki about The Adaptable IO SYSTEM -- ADIOS an IO library with features to enable better performance and use for HPC.

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Dr. Scott Klasky is a Distinguished Scientist and Group Leader of the Scientific Data Group in the computer science and mathematics division at ORNL . Dr. Klasky is also adjunct faculty at Georgia Tech University, University of Tennessee, and North Carolina State University. Dr. Klasky research interest are in Big Data and Scientific Computing.

Norbert Podhorszki is a Research Scientist in the Scientific Data Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is the lead developer of ADIOS. He works with application users of the Oak Ridge Leadership Facility to improve their I/O performance using ADIOS. His research interest is in how to enable data processing on-the-fly using memory-to-memory data movements,e.g. for speeding up I/O, coupling simulation codes, and building in-situ workflows.

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